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Prof. Dr. C. Beta, Prof. Dr. K. Dethloff, Prof. Dr. R. Engbert, Prof. Dr. M. Holschneider, Prof. Dr. W. Huisinga, Prof. Dr. Ralf Metzler, Prof. Dr. A. Pikovsky, Prof. Dr. S. Reich, Prof. Dr. M. Rosenblum, Prof. Dr. G. Rüdiger, Prof. Dr. T. Scheffer, Prof. Dr. F. Scherbaum, Prof. Dr. J. Selbig, Prof. Dr. F. Spahn


Speaker: Vasyl Kharchenko, Institute of Applied Physics, NAS of Ukraine, Sumy

Title: Modeling Nano-Sized Pattern Formation in Stochastic Adsorptive Systems with Interacting Adsorbate * Colloquium on Complex and Biological Systems

Time: Wed, Feb 8, 2017, 12:15

Place: bldg 28, room 2.123

We study the dynamics of the pattern formation in stochastic reaction-Cattaneo model describing adsorbate islands formation on a surface at vapor deposition. It will be shown that pattern selection processes are realized in such systems due to the memory effects. We found that the oscillatory behavior of the radius of the adsorbate islands is governed by the finite propagation speed. It is shown that internal noise satisfying the fluctuation-dissipation relation governs transition towards disordered phase with chaotic spatial configuration. It is found that both the mean distance between stationary structures and corresponding correlation radius depend on the noise intensity. We have shown that the size of localized nano-clusters can be controlled by chemical reactions rates, interaction strength and intensity of internal fluctuations. By studying multi-layer adsorptive system we have found that sufficient conditions for the formation of adsorbate islands on the current layer are both the critical coverage and the critical size of the adsorbate island on the precursor layer serving as substrate for the current layer. We have shown that spherical adsorbate islands are of nano-meter range.

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